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Why we have to receive Ile Ori.?

Ori is inside of every one of us and that is our head, according to Yoruba, you cannot do anything on earth without your head that is why is the first Orìsà that anybody coming to into this religion must receive. This deity is highly recommended for any follower person in the Yoruba religion, Omo Ifa (godchildren) Iyalòrìşà or Babalòrìşà ( Santera and Santero ) and Awo Orunmila ( Ifa priest ) .Why?

Because according to Ifá when we were coming from heaven to the earth before becoming a baby inside of our mother's uterus, our head is molded by different deities as: Obatala, Ajala Mopin..etc and we have to choose a head and a destiny, Such destination chosen is contemplated within Ifá. This is Ifá, This is it.!

Example: If you become a rich person on earth, it is because of the destiny and head you choose,  but when you get rich you will not to know which type of head you choose,  if an Ori Ire (Good) or and Ori bururu (Bad).

When you receive whole the blessing in the land and you wish to thanks your destiny for the blessing, you cannot do it to your real head them it is when everyone need an object or icon that represent our head. That is why we all have to receive Ile Ori, so at this point  we can worship our destiny or head.

We can worship our destiny praying and feeding Ori with many things like: pigeon, guinea fowl, coco nut, obi, dry fish, dry rat, cat fish and money..etc.  But who does it must have the knowledge to feed Ori, it is very important to know how to soothe the spirit of our head and invoke our destiny before making the offerings.

Conclusions, before taking any step in the Yoruba religion, receive Ile Ori.!

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