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What is Life with the support of the Orishas and Ifa.

The theology of Ifa is the starting point to understand our life. Predestination starts through the Odu of Ifa (signs) and it is at this point when we start to see what the future will bring, we start to understand why certain things happened in the past and, finally, we sort out the present by means of several rituals which are performed with Ifa and the different Orishas. Not knowing or not accepting the Orishas does not put us in a favorable situation. We must ask ourselves the question:

"Bí okò babèrè, ókò ní rí idáhùn"

“If you never ask the question, you will never get the answer. What is my destiny? What

Should I do to live a balanced life?
We frequently find ourselves in a situation in which we do not understand what is happening to us, situations which are out of our reach and we need to figure out and then, we find an excuse like luck or destiny. This is no longer valid. We need to understand and listen to our intuition, although we must be careful not to confuse it with illusions or fantasies.

Why is this?
Because this may be the first time you get to understand so many things, thanks to a simple consultation with a priest of Ifa or Babalawo. The sacrifices to the Orishas are extremely important; through them we pay our debts, even debts we had before arriving in the earth, and by paying them we are blessed with the settling of our debts. Esu or Elegbara is an Orisha we all need to make offerings to. This is important for all of us, for those who are initiated and those who are not; it is important for every human being. I always quote a phrase I once read: “We are not the owners of the earth, we belong to it”, thus we have to pay the rent to the owners of the earth: the Orishas and Ifa, Iyamis, etc.

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