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What does mean Ifa literally?

Ifá has a literal translation, which comes from the way in which Olodumare gave wisdom to Orunmila before the descent to Earth.

Òrúnmìlà, is the Spirit of Destiny, is considered the Irunmole u Òrìsà of divination, wisdom, intellectual development and is the witness of creation (Èlerì Ìpìn) .Ifa is the esoteric and epic language of Olodumare, is the message codified to transmit to humanity by Orunmila. Ifá has the oldest knowledge about the existence; An Odù Ifá represents a fraction of the world, what we are here for ,our destiny on earth with each event shaped, as well as the secrets of our petitions raised to Olodumare and skill granted by the Irunmoles before our descended to earth. Every event in the universe and in our lives, which have passed, are happening, or will happen, is contained in Ifá. Òrúnmìlà, as he is also known, is the speaker of Olodumare (God).Thus, the words of Ifá carry the weight and the full support of Olodumare (God). The Priests of Ifá, called Babaláwos (Father of the secrets) are the ones in charge of taking the message to the humanity and have the highest hierarchy inside the Yoruba religion. Òrúnmìlà Baba is the Father, the most respected of Irunmole Òrìsà.

Ifá is the whole manifestation of existence, from its simplest to the most complex form, live in harmony with the surrounding world, nature, finds the magic of Ifá, within Ifá, put your heart with total certainty in your prayers. Ifá is not only a faith, such that you are NOT convinced only in a possible expectation of what is not seen, Ifa manifests. Ifa is an esoteric science and as such the theory of positivism is admissible, where is the metaphysics that coexists with reason.

There are many false stories and myths about Ifá, they say that he begged to live until he met a wise man who taught him the art of divination, through common and personal stories related to him, others say that he was born in Ile Ifé, who was a healer skilled and an excellent fortune teller, who knew the herbalist. I also have understood from other texts that I read that Ifá starving one day ask to Èsú what to do? and he gave him the way to the two palms of Òrùgán, so that he could obtain the 16 nuts (Ikines) so Òrùgán’s wife (this is the son of Yemoja and Aganju) provided the nuts to both of them, including Òrùgán, so that Agbónìrègún and Òrùgán will hand them over to Èsú to teach them the art of divination, which is why the first Áwo were born.

All this is NOT true, they are banalities stories and inventions, and nobody teach to Agbónìrègún to make Dáfá, his wisdom, Ifá, was his gift and also his most powerful weapon. This gift (I repeat) was delivered directly by Olódùmarè (God), our creator. After handing over the 16 barrels to Orunmila who was alone in front of him, Olodumare told him that he should eat it. In this process gives birth the Ifa word meaning literally…etc. Those who have Ifa will understand why of... etc. (secret for those who are Ògbèrí)

Agbónìrègún is an Òrìsà created by Olodumare, Òrúnmìlà Babá, the Father and the most respected of all the Irùnmòlé Òrìsà, is the divinity of wisdom and intellectuality. He is the decipher of the esoteric codified language of Olodumare and is the Òrìsà in charge of interacting among the other deities, to carry out the respective fulfillment of the sacrifices ordered by Olodumare to achieve a total balance in this kingdom, Òrúnmìlà was the witness of the creation, he knows therefore the fate of all beings and living beings, animals and humans, how they originated and how they will end.

Òrúnmìlà, Èlerì Ìpìn is part of the benefactors of creation, he was in charge of the balance and harmony of it, he even gave name to every animal and plant that inhabited. Òbàtàlá was the divinity that molded the body and head, Ògún the iron divinity was who molded the skeleton, Àjàlá Mopín was a potter from heaven, who provided spirituality, and work with others within the 400 + 1 Irunmoles. Olódùmarè was the one who gave the vital breath, known as Èmí, this is known as the daughter of Olódùmarè.

NOTE: There are definitions within the context that are my own based on my experience and philosophical studies, about religion and metaphysics to which I have submitted with total integrity, I leave them to your discretion.

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