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The kingdom of the Earth (Orun Odo), the house of the Òrìsà, ours house, the animals house, minerals and the whole existence. Why the devastating disasters...

The kingdom of the Earth (Orun Odo), the house of the Òrìsà, ours house, the animals house, minerals and the whole existence. Why the devastating disasters that we are currently facing, one natural disaster behind the other? Are you have ask yourselves about this trying to looking for a sense or an answer for all this problems?

In the prehistoric times, at the beginning of human existence groups of hunters, fishermen, shepherds and farmers of the black race, were gradually extending throughout the Nigerian savanna to reach the tropical forest. According to current archaeological research, they have found evidence which has demonstrated what the Yoruba tradition says about the human presence in the Southwest of Nigeria, with 9,000 years before the Christian era. At those times we all spoke the same language; we lived all together, animals, plants and human beings.

In the Yoruba tradition says about the upper heaven (Orun Oke) and the lower heaven (Orun Odo), about how the process was for the Òrìsà to create Orun Odo, the earth, by order of Olodumare, many of them fulfilled their function satisfactorily after having done the work to habitat the land, they moved to the surface of the earth until they emerged and occupied a representative place in the crust of the land, so many of them became forces of nature and are present every day, precisely this is why they are known as Òrìsà (force of nature), won by their distinctive work in the process of creation: as are the rivers represented by Òsun, the sea by Olokun, the mountain by Oke, the lagoons for Nana, the lightning for Mr. Sango, the winds for Oya, etc.

It is also stated that Ilé Ifé became the second kingdom or sky (Ikole Aye or Orun Odo), the home of all humanity, hence humanity spread, I said second because the first kingdom and first one is Ikole Orun (Orun Oke) where Olodumare and Sango live, from where the Irunmoles descended, although nonetheless, Olodumare and Sango visit the land from time to time, the house of the ancestors.

The land being the home of all Òrìsà, ancestors, humans, plants, animals and herself is an Òrìsà, the planet earth, is a sacred place, which must be worship and feed, not exploited irresponsibly and in indiscriminate way, by the human beings, to give place to the ostensible and excessive greed of the man, giving way to the Ajoguns, open the door to the eight warriors known as the malevolent forces that coexist with the positive forces that govern the earth.

To be precise and tell them what I think, regarding everything that is happening in these instants around the world? In my opinion the disasters are part of a logical process of the creation, where the earth is taking what belongs to her, everything obtained will return to his place of origin, this is why nature is above the man and we do not own her, we belong to her, as everything that has been extracted disproportionately from her. I can tell, the earth inherits us, at the moment all and everything by being buried!

We have to be more responsible, because we will pay fair for sinners!"Igba Nlo, Igba Nbo, Ile Aye O re bi Kan" means: Times go, Times are coming, but the earth is not going anywhere"

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