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What is the Iyawo and its meaning?

What is the Iyawo and its meaning?

It means spouse, but in a spiritual sense Iyawo is someone recently initiated into the Mysteries of the Forces of Nature (Òrìsà), who is committed to the care of that Òrìsà in which he began as a husband cares for and protects to his wife or vice versa, this has no sexual vision or sense. In Santeria (misnamed) this is known as the Iyabo, Iyaboraje, Iyaworaje, although it is actually simply called Iyawo.

There is a rule in the diaspora to be after starting a period of one year dressed in white, which is also not necessary to fulfill the initiation. Each one can according to the Odù that comes out having taboos with colors such as red or black and decides to walk for their own taste in white is fine, but it is not mandatory.

If there are ceremonies that require wearing white and I also think that an initiate in Obatala, Odùdúwà, in my opinion should walk in white the longest time in his life, not because he has to do it in that year that started precisely.

Another of the aspects that reappear a priori is being seven days in a room. On this point I want to inform you that it is not necessary, there may be three; much less spend a year in the process of initiating dressed in white, nor do the so-called "Three-month Ebo" after three months. The other Ebo, called “Ebo of the year”, is correct although it is done differently than they usually do: it is about divination to be done on each anniversary to define what is offered to the received Orìsàs or not received, Ifá will say, and what Ifa predicts or predicts for the coming year.

Then you must do the Ebo (Sacrifices), Ebo Riru al Odu taken out for that year and thus enable fortunes in that coming cycle, a Babaláwo, Babalorìsà or Iyalorìsà makes you divination and the Babaláwo makes you your Ebo Riru and:

What do you tell me about the handing over of the saint's room (there is no term) in order to have the right to initiate others?

Although this term of Saint does not exist, they are Òrìsà and less such delivery of the Saint's room, in the diaspora it is made a dogma. Actually when you obtain the Ase of an Orìsà in your initiation, you can initiate others; It makes sense, right? You only need to prepare and study to acquire this knowledge.


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