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The Ajoguns

There're eight warriors, they are negative spiritual forces of nature; they are malicious and abominable spirits which did not have an earthly life or physical form, hence the reason why no one has seen them. Many people have one or several Ajoguns, so action must be taken on them and seek Ifá’s support to find a solution for those evils. Men do not have control over anything. The Ajogúnes are destructive spirits that bring death, disease and poverty. These spirits are usually associated with the Spirit of the Divine Messenger (ESU) and is considered one aspect of the dynamic balance of what happens in Nature

  1. Ikú: (Death): This is the most dangerous Ajogun. Although there is a chain of them; this one has more freedom and only Olodumare is above him.  The Orisa can only contain him for a short period, thus it is necessary to know what Ifa says in order to appease him with the respective sacrifices.
  2. Èwòn: (Prison):Greed and the desire to go beyond the capabilities of each individual have led this Ajogun to reign in contemporary societies. Indeed, being a desire that exceeds the limits of the ordinary or lawful, pejorative attitudes in reference to riches
  3. Òfò:(Loss): The loss comes with an unstoppable effect, have you heard the phrase, when a thing falls that causes losses, unexpected expenses, come others behind? It is because this ajogun is entering its destiny trying to exercise its function indiscriminately
  4. Òràn:(Abandonment or Problems): It is the voluntary renunciation to the family, property and personal appearance, etc. There are those who, due to an unfulfilled wish, abandon themselves and turn their backs to their own destinies. In any of these phases, misfortune emerges.
  5. Èpè (Hatred): This is one of the most negative spiritual forces which affect mankind. Many philosophers regard it as an emotion. Hatred is the enmity or aversion towards a person or thing. It is the wish to avoid or eliminate the hated object.
  6.  Àrùn:(Plague or Illness): Disease comes to prepare the body for Iku (death) to feed on it and take the living body to its final destination, into the earth in the invisible kingdom (Ikole Aye). Disease appears suddenly in big plagues which have devastated many cities in the history of mankind. At this point, the Iyamis (Mother Witches) who rule the earth have to be soothed by performing Ebo, etc. There are two spiritual forces which rule humanity and creation; they are the Orishas and the Iyamis. Plague represents the absurd.
  7. Ègbà (Laziness or paralysis): It means inactivity, loneliness, negligence, boredom and lack of desire. A deterioration of the struggling desire to sustain the creation. It is to turn your back on the actions to improve creation. These people get to lose everything to the point when they reach a status of being useless and irrational in life.
  8. Èse (the other ills not mentioned); for example, a stomachache is a ajogun like leprosy or headache.

It is important to realize when you are being possessed by any of these evils in order to immediately react against it. Ifá Gbe Wa O!

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