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Spirit, Rebirth, Life and Death. The reincarnation does exist!

Reincarnation does exist!

This topic has been very much discussed and there are even documentaries by both important companies and independent ones (no less important) which have done a good job in the search for answers to a tangible truth about reincarnation. There is a cosmological cycle of life: spirit, rebirth, life and death, "Igba Nlo, Igba Nbo, Ile Aye O re bi Kan" (Time comes, time goes, but mother Earth does not go anywhere). Based on this, I do not have the slightest doubt.

From a religious point of view, it is my opinion that reincarnation is not a belief, it is a fact. The Yorubans are not the only ones who believe in reincarnation, there are other religions and cultures that “believe”, or it is a fact for them too, that human beings can reincarnate even in animals. I do not dispute that, who knows? Since animals are part of existence and creation, as are trees and plants, everything is possible. This could be seen as punishment to a human who did not behave well in a previous life; or one who was an Ori Ibi (head created for bad fortune) or a psychopath, among other things, and had to remain in the Orun apadi (reference similar to a purgatory) for a long time, as a result of the judgment passed at the gate where everyone will have to answer, waiting to reincarnate, or do so in an animal or plant. I just say that I do not deny it.

Ifá says:

E mo sìkà láyé o o ò

Nítorí òrun.

E mó sìkà láyé,

Nítorí òrun.

Bé e de bodè é ó rojó.


Do not do evil things on Earth.

Since you will go to Heavens,

When you get to the gate between Earth and Heavens

You will have to answer for your actions.

We all belong to an ancestral group, to a celestial group. Your family will continue being part of your group, reuniting with those who are not present in a given moment is a fact; it is part of the cycle.

We are on Earth until our ancestral group and Egbe (celestial equivalent) so decide. This is the reason why in moments of risk not many know how, but go before an Áwo (priest of Ifá) seeking help because they are sick or feel that something is wrong. In many cases, they are not believers of the religion but they come because their ancestors and their Egbe wanted that. This is done for the person to end the cycle of life and, even in the departure process, see part of his/her deceased group (mother, father, siblings, etc.). This is the confirmation that the person will pass away.

On the other hand, when they come back or reincarnate, they bring with them their previous life experience and this knowledge is put into practice in different areas. People with scientific minds (not all of them) justify this as everything that is incomprehensible for human beings, as a stroke of genius from those who are called geniuses and that I would call “the chosen ones”. It is important to realize that there are certain areas of knowledge which take some time to be perfected. It is a knowledge that is NOT learned at an early age or in only one lifetime but rather a cumulative process from one life to another. In each descend, a destiny is chosen. Before being granted, this destiny is evaluated by Olodumare (God) in the presence of the Irunmoles, Onibode (celestial sentinel) and Orunmila (Elerì Ìpín). Depending on Olodumare’s decision, the person who will descend then receives the abilities to be exercised in this fixed destiny (Ayamon) that should be fulfilled. In general, the main goal is to sustain the creation with an implanted knowledge in the Ori (head), in the conscience core, to be exerted by the chosen ones and thus preserve the essence of existence, the Earth.

This is the reason why we know, and it is evident, about the person who wrote a symphony at the age of five and the one who created electricity or the phone. But it is also important to know that everything is preconceived in terms of time, space and physical range; nothing is fortuitous thanks to the meta-libido of the Òrìsà. The procreation of human beings and other life forms, including plants and animals, is not just an allocation of Olódùmarè but also the transcendental libido of the Òrìsà. Modern psychology defines libido as an extroverted manifestation of the psyche. Nevertheless, it would be better to define it as the energy which infinitely extends in our being, beyond time and space. I insist, the meta-libido of the Òrìsà generates each living creature in terms of time, order and rank, even before the physical act.

Another reason or indelible example:

  • in the destiny or transit of a human being is the constant search for a couple (soul mate), changing over and over again until the right one is found. This is mainly an effort to give continuity to something that already existed or they had in previous lives. In this failure lies the success, this is a step forward and through Ifá the whole process of destiny becomes easier, as well as more visible and viable. This is valid to either find our couple or to achieve economic success, longevity, victory over evil affecting us, or a general spiritual balance with nature, which is our ecosystem.
  • Many times, you dream of a place and you feel as if it were real, that you know this place and even speak the local language; this is Egbe. There is also what is called déjà vu; these are just unconditioned and involuntary reflexes of previous lives which have accumulated in the subconscious mind as indelible experiences that stalk your conscience with total authority.

In the end, humanity has been trying to find answers for years. I have seen a lot about this issue and I have had experiences which confirm that we are part of a bigger plan, of a perfect plan. It is up to ourselves to be distinguished from within a group; we follow marked signs and based on them a more certain future is gradually formed.

Take into account that there are spiritual forces which are responsible for everything that happens, including your heartbeats ((Egbe) and the breath of life (Emi), which also rule the Earth: the Iyamis, Ajogúnes (evil forces), Òrìsà (forces of nature) and Olorun (Dios), the great and unique creator.

We all have a fixed destiny that we have to fulfill on Earth, apart from the role each of us has to play, which will be judged and will glorify us all. We have to be convinced of all this. Do not deny the truth or turn your back to the whole existence which is the provider and owner of everything, the land!

I cannot give credit to the ignorance of many who categorically believe what they want to believe. There is a lot that we have to understand and learn. If you believe in science and not in religion, pay attention to the findings and to everything that is known until today, with inconclusive answers and in a demonstrative phase.

Note: I have heard on the radio some presenters or journalists making subtle fun of people who have told their spiritual experiences in the form of stories about the presence of the Iyamis, without knowing about this. Maybe not all is like the description made by the people who had the experience, but the existence of these stories is also a fact. I read the following some time ago and I want to share it with you: https://truehorrorstoriesoftexas.com/la-lechuza/

Spirit, Rebirth, Life and Death…… Remember!

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