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Letter from the year 2017-2018, from Oke Ìtasé, Ile Ifé, Nigeria: June 7, 2017

Letter from the year 2017-2018, from Oke Ìtasé, Ile Ifé, Nigeria: June 7, 2017

Odu Ifá: Ògúndá Iwori
Ire gbogbo: Complete Fortune

Asé Ifá:
1. Ifa speaks of great fortunes in this year for anyone who intends to travel, must make sacrifices to find fortune in the place of destination.
2. Ifa advises you to avoid abortion under any circumstances; those beings must reach the earth.
3. Ifa calls for respect for all women, it should be supported. We all should appease Òsun.
4. It is a year where women who have failed to get pregnant, will succeed, rely on Ifa, Òsun, Ogun and Esu to enable this fortune. Ifa recommends to the couple that after having had discussions or discrepancies, have relationships, this will lead to pregnancy, “age does not matter”
5. Ifa warns everyone to offer Ogun in their lineage (House of the Oluwo) for prosperity this year.
6. Ifa states that for those who have health problems this year it is important to perform the indicated sacrifice with 3 Ipese, after make the respective sacrifice, so that the person leaves the situation that is facing.
7. Ifa in this Odu rises about mental illnesses caused by evil spirits.
8. Ifa posits that one should cleanse one's spirituality and thus conquer his enemies even though they are many. Make Ebo.
9. Ifa says that you can face problems in your workplace, so you must make sacrifice, you must stop being recalcitrant and obstinate and much less with any member of the law. You should not contemplate using weapons to raise your self-confidence and power.
10. Ifa states that a terrible incident is about to happen which will consternate all, make Ebo to avoid getting into this terrible dilemma
11. Ifa says that she should never use second-hand clothes, so you will avoid going through health problems, gather and burn all the old clothes and bags with holes you keeps, so you don’t going to suffer any losses in general.
12. Ifa says that many people have not achieved what they are looking for, but it is time that receiving all these blessings and grow in popularity this year. Make Ebo.
13. Ifa recommends everyone this year to feed Osun for protection and Egbe Orun to receive all the blessings.
14. Ifa suggests that those who plan to travel for business should make the indicated sacrifice so that they are protected from enemies and from armed robberies.
15. Ifa recommends everyone to pray to Orunmila every morning, do not forget to put your forehead on the ground in front of the Òrìsà. This act will help you to be protected and achieve longevity.
16. Ifa advises those who work in the esoteric field to appease the Iyamis and feed Esu to achieve effectiveness in what you do it.
17. Ifa says that there may be blood clotting problems which can have very serious consequences, you have to do Ebo.
18. Ifa draws attention to the inheritances and struggles that often bring this theme, those who have properties, leave everything in order to avoid a war between your Childs.
19. Ifa advises everyone to avoid divorce this year, especially for those women who are married with Ifa priests, pray and beg for forgiving, do Ebo.
20. Any priest (Áwo) should contemplate changing religion, if he thought of it, pray and beg to Ifa for his indulgence.

Note: There are several works to consider depending on what you are looking for, health, wealth, childs, longevity, overcome enemies, but in common all of you should follow the advice that Ifa indicates, such as feeding Òsun, Iyamis, Èsù, Ifa, Ogun ... etc., To achieve longevity and success, greet And pray to Ifa every morning. For any type of work you are interested in, you can contact me.!

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