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Òke Itásé, Ilé Ifé, Nigeria, Odu Agbeye Òtúrá Meji, 6/02 / 2019-6 /2020

Òke Itásé, Ilé Ifé, Nigeria, Odu Agbeye Òtúrá Meji, 6/02 / 2019-6/2020

Ifa says in this Odu:
Emi yoo l'owo ni'le aye Ki n too wa
Emi yoo l'aya-m'aya ni'le aye
Ki n too wa
Alumo kerebete
Alo or re yoo dara
Abo or re yoo sunwon
Alumo kerebete
I will be very rich on earth
Before returning to heaven
I will have a good wife in the world
Before he returns to heaven
Alumo kerebete, please record it
Your trip around the world will be successful
And your return to heaven will be renumbered
Alumo kerebete, please record it

Ayewo Ija: Misfortune due to wars and confrontations; problems
Ase Ifa:
1. Ifá says that in this year he will be receiving the blessing of Olódùmarè (god) to have the different Ire (lots) in life. It is necessary to make the indicated sacrifice to bring the stagnant fortunes and eliminate the conflicts that could be generated.
2. Ifá says that it is very important to have a good family behavior, to have a life with tranquility and peace. Those who have not found their way into the faith and do not know what they want, can also consider practicing Islam (if it is a visitor), they may find their happiness and peace in this religion.
3. Ifa says in this Odu that you can enjoy absolute peace of mind, do Ose Ifa, pray to your Ori, lean on Ifa properly and be free from all anxiety. Ifa states that it is necessary to go to the depths of a good Iwá Pele (good character), to have a docile and affable character, this will open many doors.
4. Ifa says that this year is positive for a good moment for success in business and personal relationships. It is important to appease Esu frequently, because there are those who will betray their confidences or plans to separate him from his family. They should avoid stress so that they do not lose their spiritual balance
5. In this year  will be an economic and social relations shortages and will be enemies obstructing the progress, it should be as fast as possible to offer the indicated sacrifice to have the absolute victory over what they can be created, with the sacrifice you can obtain all fortunes such as; money, wife (or), children, etc.
6. Ifá says that you will prosper beyond the dreamed; you will be blessed with all the good things of life, and blessed by all the deities. ASE

Òrìsà to take into account:
Ori, Ifa, Odu, Esu Odara, Egbe, Obaluwaye, Iya Aje

No son of Òtúrá Meji should participate in any financial contributions
You should not drink alcoholic beverages.
You should not change jobs at will to avoid running ahead of your destination
You should not participate in discussions, or brag or be presumed

Directly from ILE IFE the Ebo is:
Eku 2, Eja 2, Igbin 2, Okete 1, 2 Akuko, 1 Ayebo, Epo, Eko, 6 Obi, Oti and money. (2 rats, 2 fish, 2 slugs, 1 ayebo, 2 roosters, 1 Hen, Palm oil, Eko, 6 kola nuts, drink and money)

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