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Ifa concept of destiny includes

“Those who do not learn and grow up everyday are deliberately alienating themselves from their personal destiny and from the Orisa”.
Ifá’s concept of destiny includes the belief that each person has a predetermined time of existence. This time cannot be extended, but it can be shortened. Those who do not live their lives to complete the allowed time are regarded as careless in their efforts to live in harmony with themselves and with the surrounding world. On the other hand, we cannot say that destiny is definite, since the Oris do not relate among themselves, for instance, you may have the wish to accomplish anything, but you may not have the capacity to make it happen or, vice versa, you may have the capacity but not the wish. Do you understand what I mean? Orunmila reorganizes animal, plants and man’s destiny.

For the Yoruba people the land is sacred and it is here where other things like the Iwá Pélé (the good character) so that you can achieve a complete spiritual balance.

The potentiality of the natural qualities of each individual are their dynamic forces, the strength of the character of a being and its uniqueness, the control of it to achieve the different objectives. The two most important cosmic forces of existence are the feminine and the masculine and are composed by:

Ayanmon: The Ayamos is just the fixed destination, what can NOT be changed in your life, which lasts until your life cycle ends, such as: race, family, sex, parents, what you should take with you permanently and what you must obey.

Akulenyan: The Akunlenyan are the values ​​and virtues chosen product of their previous existences; these are chosen by yourself, based on what you personally like and what you do not, taboos, this can be granted or not, depending on what Olodumare has prepared for you.

Akunlegba: The Akunlegba is granted by the Irunmoles in the presence of Olodumare, Onibode (celestial sentinel) before his trip to earth, all the virtues, limitations, possibilities and probabilities that make it possible for his Ayanmo to be reached as such. In simple words, you are given the tools to achieve what is in your fixed destination.

These are the fundamental aspects that are taken into account when making a consultation with Ifá. All Yoruba culture and religion is based on Ifá (Olodumare esoteric language in Orunmila), that is why the magnitude and breadth and implicit in each Ifa message has everything that lies about its destiny, in the present, past and future. Everything in order you can achieve all your fortunes, such as love, wealth, longevity, happiness ... etc.

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