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Those do not know how to succeed in life. The fear of being a winner

Those do not know how to succeed in life. The fear of being a winner

NOTE: I am not a psychologist I speak from my position of Áwo Ifá and interpretation of the verses

Awòn tí wóm sègún otà, kò sòbùn tí yió fa ibèrù otà.

Translation: Those who overcome the inner enemy have nothing to fear from the external enemy.

From a point of view within the Ifá liturgy, fear sees the inner demon as the most difficult and severe to overcome than the external fears generated by the environment, situation, eminent or imagined dangers that an individual develops. Many times it is taken as a means of defense to act alienating such fears using displacement as a definitive tool and evasion of such phobias, there is a psychological definition that defines displacement as: an unconscious defense mechanism in which the mind redirects some emotions from a object and / or psychic representation that is perceived as dangerous or unacceptable, to an acceptable one.

This as such leads to the impediment action of being able to overcome difficulties of all kinds, emotional, labor, social, when they present themselves as the fiercest enemies.

On the other hand, within Ifá, only those humans who directly or indirectly oppose our purposes are considered enemies, but also those obstacles generated by the negative forces that exercise their power on earth and who present themselves in day by day, to the Ajogúnes (Ofo, Àrùn, Iku, Èwòn… etc.).

Ifa teaches you the path of destiny that you bring granted by Olodumare in the presence of Orunmila, Onibode and other celestial beings, it tells you how to live it and also how to solve those vicissitudes that are imposed and frightening. But the greatest greatness, defense and personal victory is in recognizing when fear is present and having the ability to overcome it.

In this attempt to overcome, the fear that is generated to overcome fear creates the greater demon.

But those who manage to notice and mitigate this feeling are those who succeed, those who do not, remain sunk for life in it!

We can also lean on the most powerful weapon given by Olodumare to man to overcome evil: the sacrifice (Ebo) to the Orìsàs living in harmony with it gives us the will power to know and face destiny. He (Ifá) will bring us the balance and give us the way to achieve our purposes.

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