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As you can attain perfection.

Based on the theology of Ifa, arises only oneself is able to achieve a state of A pe re meaning perfection by the constant development of our consciousness. Whoever gets the point reached the town called Ile Ife in Örün (Sky). To achieve this spiritual transformation must be guided by the concepts of good character Ifa (Iwa Pele) that nothing is a social position, economic wealth or anything like that, as this is a fixed point of destination, which is not can be altered, is guided by internal values ​​conscious designs, our own Ori, such as honesty, morals, generosity, humility, as a matter of destiny that is chosen by our own free will.On the side of the culture where I come from, the western concept may be something inexplicable or vain, unimportant.For example: Usually people incorrectly call a newly initiated into Ifa or Itefa, Babalawo, when in fact this person is not a babalawo yet but an apprentice. Often people mistakenly associate the level of perfection of a person with its economic power, they believe that perfection is in the one who has property, money, etc.., doing anything other than a priest of Ifa. Money is a fortune that we acquire, is part of our trip, but it will not get us to perfection, moreover, a good character can lead to a stable economic fortune. A true Babalawo must have a good character with all aspects discussed in the previous paragraph, and he should also make a living by working as Ifa priest, demonstrating his knowledge and passing it on. Furthermore the Yoruba's take seriously the spiritual power of Iwa Pele, of good character, to the point that when a child is born they do a ritual involving a divination to determine the fixed elements of fate and thus work on the character to eliminate factors that may be altered in the future by their own choice, they believe, literally, that the development of good character can superlatively benefit the fate of a human being and conversely, the development of a bad character can change its destine for worse. Anyway, good character takes you to the holy city and evil character to Òrun Apáàdi!!

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