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Have you heard about this, I am son or daughter of Osun, Sango or Obatala, etc., every day of this world, yes or no?

Posted on Mar 9th 2017 11:01 AM
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Have you heard this, I am son or daughter of Osun, Sango or Obatala, etc., every day of this world, yes or no?
Whenever I hear things like this I am struck by the simple reason that I do not understand in what part of the history of the Yoruba tradition stood many of the practitioners of today's diaspora. It really drags the syncretism created with cunning by our ancestors to be able to perform their ceremonies with their Òrìsàs, as an ostensible truth behind this ancient strategy, as I said, we are no longer slaves, and we are free to practice any religious belief.

I think and it is obvious that you DO NOT want to evolve in the idea that you should not hide to say Òsun, Sango, Obatala, Yemoja, etc., is my Òrìsà and not to say that I am a son or daughter every day of the Virgin Of Caridad, Santa Barbara, Las Mercedes or the Virgin of Regla, this tendency must end for the good of the neophytes and the others, it is an error to drag such criteria. If you believe this then you are not a son of Òrìsà but a saint for the catholic ,reason why it brings to question and creates confusion what religion you practice before those who are unaware of your religious practice, Òsun is not the virgin of charity and much less Santa Barbara is Sango, this is horrible.!

I have previously spoken with a Yoruba native who tells me that in Nigeria there is not a single Santero or Santera, and logically, this term was disparagingly used by the Spaniards to somehow call the slaves when they venerated the Òrìsàs and about syncretism I asked him too something, and he replied that he did not know anything about the Catholic religion, his disinterest, I am completely sure, because intelligence and ability to know about it is a fact, was evident that he was not interested simply,, even more he gave me other opinions about it that I do not want to bring to chapter.

Anyway, if you practice the Yoruba religion, do not say that you are the son or daughter of a Holy Catholic, it is wrong!