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It is October 4 the day to celebrate Orunmila Festival or Orunmila day.?The Answer is NO.!

Posted on Oct 5th 2016 10:07 AM
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The days of caring for Òrìsà are these on the calendar in for your interest page, first we have Ose Ifa every 5 days, after Isan Ifa Ifa every 9 days, which are grouped Babalawos friends and share and exchange ideas, pray to Ifa..etc and after Isan come ìtàdógún Ifa every 17 days, this is deeper than the previous ones, Babalawos, neighbors, Followers..etc meet, here we talk about ethics and moral problems are solved in specific areas, all pray to Ifa and is celebrated more independent of traditional festivals regardless of the traditional festivals dedicated to them.

For example, October 4 is not the day to commemorate Orunmila,Orula or Ifa, it is the day of Saint Francis of Assisi, of the Catholic church, a religion completely different from and with no connections with the Yoruba religion or The religion of Santeria (Afro-Cuban System). This was due to the religious syncretism of our ancestors, which has been extended into the present day by some Olorisa. This is no longer necessary because slavery was abolished hundreds of years ago. We are no longer slaves, we are free to worship and venerate Olodumare and the Orishas without secrecy or mystery.