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Letter for the Year of 2016-2017, Oke Itase, Nigeria.

Posted on Jul 26th 2016 7:04 PM
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Odu Agbeye:
  • Obara Irete:
  • Ire gbogbo= Goodie of whole fortune in land
  1. Ifa in this Odu speaks of prosperity and balance if you make the prescribed sacrifices
  2. Ifa says that there is good moment for a new job or business, this year is going to be good to new projects.
  3. Ifa states that you can be beat all the problems, and stay on top wherever you are or field you work.
  4. Ifa says you will have longevity plus get all fortunes on earth.
  5. Ifa states that you will have the fortune of having many children on earth. Always try to live at up floors and not in houses or first floor apartments
  6. Ifa says the misfortune has come to the end, what for others it has been impossible to reach this year with efforts and good behavior will be a success
  7. Ifa says we advise our wives do not try to be unfaithful or use a double-sided to one and are sincere in the relationship.

rss to consider:

Ifa, Esu Odara, Ori, Oro, Egbe, Oduduwa


Never show arrogance or disrespect to an elder or  questions his authority
Never live in a house at ground level
If female: Do not be addicted to looking yourself in a mirror to avoid a loss of fortune to conceive