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My Oluwo I'll never forget you, Ifa gbe Wa O.

Posted on Aug 30th 2015 11:52 AM
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8/30/2015 my Oluwo Iíll never forget you!

Today died my Oluwo Elebuibon Ogunbiyi Omobobola and left the Land in which his role was as he said himself, a link between the two kingdoms, Ikole Aye (land) and Ikole Orun(Heaven).In this world where went he strove to convey an unsurpassed wisdom to every omoírisa. Youíll always be present in my life, in each Oržsŗ that I have, in every verse Iíll pray.Thank you for gave me your friendship, your trust and teach me how to understand Ifa and grow up in this religion, I can tell that everything I have achieved in Ifa is thanks to you.  youíre at home now.! Ifa Gbe wa O Awo. I love you brother and Iíll always honor you!